Cost Effective & Successful Marketing

Everything to do with revenue, customers, products, brand, pricing, sales channels, service, promotion, communications and insight is Marketing. With Connect you have access to Scotland's most accomplished marketing expertise. Quite simply, we work with you to quickly deliver business growth through marketing plan development and effective and cost-efficient implementation.

Connect 2 marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy.  This means that we offer expertise to companies looking to develop their marketing plans and strategies.
With over 27 years experience, we are a respected partner for all types and sizes of organisations.  Connect is not a marketing services agency (Such as web or graphic design agencies), so our plans and strategies are completely objective.

Audit Plan Implement - The Connect2Marketing API Process© is an acclaimed means of quickly building a review of your company's marketing to support a broader and deeper range of marketing activities. This process can score effectiveness and can build plans for greater business success. Whether you need a better exit strategy or a more profitable business, our API process will do this quickly and positively for every business.

Having worked in partnership with over 350 organisations and looked at numerous Business Plans, it is clear that marketing strategies rarely succeed without appropriate human resources.

Perhaps surprisingly, many people would admit to not fully understanding what marketing is.
There are many aspects to marketing. Most people are familiar with websites, advertising, social media and other forms of communication, and yes, these are all part of "Marketing"

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