The Broad Range of marketing Experience

Having worked in partnership with over 500 organisations and looked at numerous Business Plans, it is clear that marketing strategies rarely succeed without appropriate human resources. The dilemma for most organisations is the risk involved in recruitment of marketing personnel.

Marketing Director - Cost

What You Get: 20-25 years experience
Cost: £50,000
Risk: As a single marketing resource, over-paid and over qualified (willing to stuff envelopes and write blogs?)

M Director (part-time) - Cost

What You Get: 10-15 years experience
Cost: £500-£1000/day
Risk: Lower risk than above if used appropriately (to direct, not "do")

Marketing Manager - Cost

What You Get: 10-15 years experience
Cost: £25,000
Risk: Strategic enough? Willing to roll up their sleeves? Committed?

M Manager (part time) - Cost

What You Get:5-15 years experience
Cost: £300 - 500/day
Risk: Lower risk than above if used appropriately (to "do" but with experience)

Marketing Executive - Cost

What You Get: 1-5 years experience
Cost: £20,000
Risk: Lower cost, keen but needs direction/managing

Marketing Graduate - Cost

What You Get: No experience
Cost: £18,000+
Risk: Low risk but recruitment process vital and support required

Non Marketer - Cost

What You Get: No experience or training
Cost: £15,000+
Risk: Might work but requires significant direction/management

Our Marketing Mentoring Service

We provide:
Marketing Director (part-time) 20-25 years eperience
Marketing Strategy development and agreement Mentoring - "On-call" advice and support - Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly Review meeting (as agreed) - Marketing "Toolkit" Tailored training from pre-approved specialists

You provide:
Marketing Executive: 1-5 years experience - Marketing Graduate: No experience - Non Marketer: No experience or training

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Internal Vs External

What you get


Marketing Agency

Specialise in services that would be a "luxury" to have in-house
(Such as Graphic Design, Web Developers, PR Agency etc) .

Cost: £300 - £££££/day
Critical knowledge may sit externally, unless managed



Marketing Contractor

Not on the pay-roll, easily recruited, limited commitment,
can be project specific, try before you buy.

Cost: £150 - £500/day
Easy come, easy go. Commitment? Awaiting next job offer?